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Guest Post - Makeup Lifts Your Mood and Spirit

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Há aproximadamente um mês atrás recebi um email. Logo na primeira frase fiquei a saber quem me escrevia e porque o fazia.  Jackie Clark faz divulgação do Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, uma página da web dedicada ao cancro mesotelioma. O cancro é uma doença que me assusta... e começou a fazê-lo quando amigos, pessoas com quem me cruzava frequentemente, pessoas da minha idade tiveram de lidar com o cancro. Umas sobreviveram. Outras não...

O pedido que a Jackie fez era simples: permitir a publicação de um texto que demonstra que 'sim, tenho cancro mas continuo a sentir-me bonita!' e aborda, superficialmente, que tipo de produtos de maquilhagem são adequados a alguém que tem cancro...

'Makeup is an important tool for women who are on a quest to look and feel their best. There is an incredible variety of products available to meet the needs of different types of women. The vast number of products is absolutely staggering. That amazing array of products means one thing. There is truly something for everyone. Makeup for oily skin, makeup for dry skin, mineral makeup and organic makeup line the shelves beside makeup that brightens the complexion and makeup that lightens dark spots. With a little time and patience, any woman can find the right makeup to flatter her complexion, tone and skin type.

Women who have received a diagnosis of mesothelioma cancer can benefit from the effects of makeup. Even a woman who is suffering the effects of asbestos exposure will find something on the shelves of her local department store or pharmacy to suit her needs. Cancer treatment can leave a woman feeling listless and looking weak and fragile. Wearing makeup can help by lifting the mood and spirit. It's true that a woman who looks better may feel better. From a foundation that turns her face into a flawless canvas to a bronzer that creates a healthy glow, makeup makes a difference.

There are many different products that take the guesswork out of applying makeup. Several cosmetics companies sell eye shadows that are tailor made for different eye colors. For example, green eyes look better with brown eye shadow from rich chocolate browns to beige and tan. Eye shadow for women with brown eyes includes blue, green, gold and yellow. Brown, pink, purple and green are all attractive on hazel-eyed women. Companies that offer eye shadow for particular eye colors package several different shades or colors together for ease of use and maximum beauty.

Many women who are living with a cancer diagnosis choose to wear organic and mineral makeup. Organic or all-natural makeup is produced without the chemicals or toxins that are present in many other types of makeup. These products promise to work as well as the other brands, but they are safer for your health and skin. Sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, parabens and synthetic fragrance are all absent from organic or all-natural makeup. Unlike organic or all-natural makeup, mineral makeup may contain ingredients like zinc oxide, which is not found in nature. However, mineral makeup also leaves out the sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, parabens and synthetic fragrance. That still makes it a better choice for women who are concerned about having these chemicals slathered all over their faces.

Women face a lot of different challenges, but that doesn't mean they should give up on looking and feeling their best. By applying tasteful makeup that accentuates their eye color and best features, a woman can feel more confident. Improved confidence and self-esteem can be inspiring and uplifting, giving a woman a needed boost in spirits that will help her overcome the obstacles in her path, no matter how great.'

Jackie Clark

Espero que esta informação tenha sido útil. Se conhecerem alguma mulher que esteja a passar por esta situação, partilhem este texto. Talvez possamos ajudar alguém a sentir-se melhor :)


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  1. Muito bom maria! excelente post. bjinhos bom fim de semana

  2. eu gostei mt deste post!

    quanto aos vernizes eu pensava que era eu que não sabia pintar unhas! lol mas mesmo assim é estranho serem tão diferentes (pelo menos na primeira aplicação notei uma diferença enorme!)


  3. Oi Maria,
    Eu tive CA e gostaria de participar deste tipo de postagem. Eu estou em fase de contenção da doença e o GD existe em razão da doença.
    Beijos 1000 e uma semana maravilhosa para vc.

  4. Voltei...
    Fui olhar lá no site.
    Não é o mesmo tipo de CA que eu tive.


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